Arkansas #1 Pawn Shop

Little Rock: 501-565-1373

 Benton: 501-778-7900

 Hot Springs: 501-627-0833

Hope: 870-777-3700

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Locally owned and operated. Unique selection of items to choose from!

Why choose Boll Weevil Pawn Superstore?

Our locally owned and operated pawn superstore features a variety of pawn and short term loan services for you to choose from. We understand that hard times fall upon everyone at one time or another. That’s why we offer short term loans on a wide selection of your property items and use them as a foundation

for the loan.

What type of items do we pawn?

  • Musical instruments

  • Jewelry

  • Power tools

  • Lawn equipment

  • Electronics

  • Guns and more

Five locations to choose from

Boll Weevil Pawn Superstore has five stores in Arkansas for you to visit and shop at. Whether you visit our Little Rock, Benton, Hot Springs, or Hope locations, you'll be sure to find quality retail items at the lowest prices available. Ask about our short term loan services!

No interest lay-a-way services

Have you found an item you like but don't have the cash to buy it today? We offer lay-a-way services with only 30% down! We give you 60 days (yes, two full months) to pay off your lay-a-way and then you're free to leave with your item!

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